Irene Ilachinski, L.C.S.W.

Irene Ilachinski is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in Individual Adults seeking help for anxiety, trauma, loss, and life stress. For more information on her practice, see her website at For a phone consultation or to make an appointment, call 703-591-5912 ext. 6.

She has experience and interest in unresolved family issues, life transitions, caregiver stress, and issues relating to aging and to chronic illness, and in particular, autoimmune disorders such as Inflammatory Bowel Disorders (IBD), Asthma and Allergies. She also has considerable knowledge of and familiarity with ADHD in adults. She understands how these and other issues can lead to feeling “different”, isolated or misunderstood, and that having a community of acceptance is crucial. Additionally, she has interest and experience in working with LGBTQ clients with a focus on transgender issues, particularly with regard to family relationships.

Modalities: Irene is trained in the Applied Metapsychology methods of Life Stress Reduction (LSR) and the SAHMSA-Approved trauma treatment, Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR).   She is currently working toward certification as an advanced practitioner in both LSR and TIR.

Her work in TIR sessions provides structure, yet is very person-centered and geared toward reducing the negative symptoms of trauma, such as intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, panicky feelings, rage, body pain and discomfort.

Her work in LSR is similarly structured, but it is geared more toward addressing anxiety, anxious depression, stress and grief, so that people can experience a more positive quality of life in the present.  She believes that trust and working collaboratively to develop your treatment is crucial in working through the issues that preoccupy you, so that your symptoms are reduced and you can live more fully in the present. She does not judge, interpret, or challenge your thoughts, memories or emotions during TIR/LSR sessions. Instead, LSR and TIR help you access your own emotions, experiences and perspectives to reduce stress.  She also understands that many life, health, and identity issues often overlap and call for different levels of attention in therapy, depending upon a person within their life circumstance, so there is flexibility to your sessions.  You may find work with her particularly helpful if you have had previous therapy, but would like to try a different approach to your concerns. She also welcome newcomers to therapy.

Irene has been practicing as a psychotherapist for over 13 years. She received her Master’s in Social Work (MSW) from The Catholic University/National Catholic School of Social Work in 1998.  She has been licensed to practice since 2006 and currently holds licensure in Virginia.

For a phone consultation or to make an appointment, call 703-591-5912 ext. 6.